The Johnstone garden had half a dozen sculpted faces peeking out of the foliage.
In the White Garden, mother and daughter.
A new place for veggies in Pat's garden.
Re-purposing objects as planters in the garden.
A fountain cools the air around this garden bed.
A waterfall brings wildlife to a rural garden.
A dramatic pergola adds architectural interest to a hilltop garden site overlooking the nearby village.
The Donne gardeners raised extra funds for the Georgian Bay Cancer Support Centre.
Pottery by Antje Gagne, an artisan and a gardener on the Tour.
Houttuynia Cordata, aka Chameleon Plant.
A purpose built area centers on an outdoor fireplace.
A trellis of dried branches makes a shelter for the ground feeding birds to hide.
Raised garden beds in a symmetrical design carve out an interesting back garden design.
Claire welcomes guests to her sloping garden site with unbounded enthusiasm.
A trellis for veggies uses the sunniest spot in a woodland garden to best advantage.
The Baltimore orioles and ruby throated hummingbirds were well fed.
Daisies and Lady's Mantle offset the dark green foliage in this garden corner.
Two sculpted cranes enhance the shrubbery they front.
A mix of colours and leaf textures brings interest into the shade border.
A striking colour combination in a bearded iris.
The arbour leads to the Lakeside Bunkie.

Gallery of Gardens 2017 GEORGIAN BAY GARDEN TOUR

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