• Glimpses of Spring

    These heralds of spring first put their heads above the snow around March 6th 2019. As the temperatures improve and the snow depth decreases, my daily joy is to go out and see how many of these snowdrops are heralding spring. I wonder what the date will be this year when they are first greeted with cries of "How wonderful. There you are!"

  • January Thaw

    Many of us watch in trepidation as the snow falls early, and then melts. Why? Because as gardeners we know that some of our more zone marginal plants need that insulating blanket of snow even if we do not appreciate the shovelling of it!

    Now that the new year has arrived we are gearing up for the 2020 Georgian Bay Garden Tour. Our committee is a great blend of previous and new members, and we’re excited to be trying new ideas to make our tour an experience you won’t want to miss.

    Some of our mini projects for 2020 include:

    • Offering online ticket sales
    • Hosting a Spring workshop in partnership with a local nursery
    • Expanding our website to make the sharing of horticulture news and artisan info more accessible

    Our goal is not only to enable you the visitor to explore wonderful gardens but also to introduce ways to solve common garden issues. We very much hope to encourage more gardeners of all ages, means and experience levels to enjoy the pleasures of digging in the dirt!


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